The Yearbook by DCRS – Decorations is an annual compilation of affluent residentials around the world featuring ground-breaking interior design and architecture in the pursuit of a futuristic and luxurious living module. A globally connected society is manifested as design experts providing insights to inspire the best in style, design, art, culture and contemporary lifestyle.

Yearbook Edition 18
June 2021

Yearbook Edition 17
July 2019

Yearbook Edition 16
May 2018

Well Grounded

In the business of interiors, the quest for perfection or at least the strive for it is real. Decorators, architects ...

Home For All

It is often said that a great project needs a truly great client. This three-storey residential tucked in the leafy hills at ...

Into the Lion’s Den

It is not often one gets to experience nature all around – literally. But this boutique hotel nestled amidst the ...

Bold Strokes

Led by duo Jack Liew and Lei Aye, Ensemble Studio’s design philosophy borders on reinventing spatial ...