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Earthy textures paired with modern sensibilities proves that nature-inspired spaces can be sleek and stylish. Find out how inside. Interior design by Metaphor Studio.

well grounded

In the business of interiors, the quest for perfection or at least the strive for it is real. Decorators, architects, landscape planners and homeowners have a goal, an endgame. There comes a moment when these teams will triumphantly declare that the house is “done.”

Often the endgame comes with fearless creativity, boundless passion and discipline grounded in design ethos. A designer’s work is ordered and precise but their process is rough work until that solid idea comes forward from the creative mess. Design is a business of reinvention. Despite having to deliver the client’s brief, a designer is expected to demonstrate the strength of the vision or concept. Is it good enough, powerful enough to exist in the real world?

This issue brims with design talents at ease in their elements —it is, after all, our annual issue. With multiple award winning projects under their belts, these valuable talents all prove that they practice what they preach. They remind us that perfection is a journey and not a destination.

Feast your eyes and feed your soul on these glorious spaces located near our shores. In the recently opened Lion’s Den Hotel designed by Singaporean Keat Ong in rural China, the interiors are designed to engage the natural environment outside both physically and visually. Suddenly country living is not so intimidating but refreshingly uplifting.

In the home front, the team at Metaphor Studio converted a lack luster semi-detached property into a bright and stylish home for a family of five. Using spatial manipulation, the team succeed in delivering spaces with varied privacy needs so the family can comfortably inhabit without stepping on each other.

As city slickers, the idea of living in a space for work, rest and play is in our DNA. So Cris Cheng’s ideals of “Soho Living” is appealing considering that often the spaces we call home today is getting smaller.

From sweeping bungalows to cosy condominiums, there are so many personal versions of perfect in this issue that are proudly designed by the best talents in the region. Enjoy!

Written by:
Zulfa JK, Managing Editor