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An eye-catching artwork and chair in an electric blue can make a big statement in small doses, in this grey themed living room. Interior design by Askdeco. Photography by Alex Jeffries.

small wonders

Living in a shoe-box pretty much sums up city life. So for whatever little we have – the operative word is to maximise! Space planning is an essential skill when shaping the bones of a home.

Our cover storey this issue exemplifies the spirit of living large in small spaces perfectly. In the expert hands of interior designer Cris Cheng at Idée Etcetera suddenly – eating, sleeping and lounging in one space seems a charming adventure and a glamourous one too. What began as an empty box is transformed into a fun puzzle which magically unfolds into an artist’s lair where every corner is punctuated with a delightful art, painting or sculpture. How fun is that!

Urban living can be dreary where concrete is everywhere. So having a spot of green at home is refreshing. Inside, discover ways to incorporate that bit of nature or its interpretations into your living spaces for positive vibes.
Also be brave with colours to pack some punch! Blue is famously calming and welcoming, and one of those colours that screams bold yet classically comforting. But accessible does not have to be boring. From nautical to regal, eclectic or sleek, read on for blue infused spaces to inspire you to shake things up at home.

While as a magazine, we endeavour to feature all the latest development and trends we consider worthy and interesting, we certainly do not expect you to flip from one look to the next as each issue arrives in your hands.
A happy home making is all about trying different things until you discover what works for you, satisfies your soul and gives you joy. There are no shortcuts to this process. The key is to make an active choice inn defining and then refining your parameters. What are your must-haves? What are you prepared to compromise on? How do you want to feel? Then go for something that falls along these parameters at a price point you can afford.
Our homes have a dramatic effect on our mood and spirit that goes way beyond their visual appeal – all the more reason to invest love, care and good thoughts in our four walls. I hope this issue gives you that dose of inspiration and encouragement to create your own respite because you deserve it!

Written by:
Zulfa JK, Managing Editor