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For the warrior of light 2019. Acrylic and copper on canvas 91 x 122 cm.

Cloud Nine

A view from the world above

British born artist Charlotte Elizabeth Solo Exhibition in Singapore: ‘The World above’ at Miaja Art Collections – Contemporary Art Gallery features abstract skyscape paintings.

To Charlotte, Singapore has become a world in the clouds. She is inspired by the city’s dramatic skyline, skyscrapers and exotic climate. Whilst working in London’s West End, Charlotte met her production manager husband. An opportunity arose for a career in theatre in Singapore which he could not resist, and the couple chose to relocate to continue their career in the arts.

“My scenic art career in London kept me busy to the point of exhaustion, I have always painted my own personal art pieces, but it wasn’t until we moved to Singapore that I felt inspired to devote my time properly to my own paintings,” the artist explains.

“I love to create images that show the majesty and drama of skies, I paint using layer upon layer of thin washes of colour allowing a kind of magical alchemy to take place and the paintings to reveal themselves before my eyes. My techniques draw heavily upon my experience as a scenic artist and I love to work large scale. I hope my work inspires a feeling of calm in the viewer, a sense of mindfulness within the glory of nature’s elements.”

The painting For the Warrior of Light, narrates that a warrior cannot lower his head otherwise he loses sight of the horizon of his dreams. Charlotte explores the dichotomies of nature, light with dark, fragility and power, which in turn reflect the human condition. The tenderness, kindness and softness of humanity contrasting with the awesome power and resolve of the warrior within.

The exhibition opens to the public and ends at 11th of May 2019.

Charlotte Elizabeth has been working with paint professionally for over fifteen years. Working with some of the best scenic artists in the world Charlotte created huge scale backcloths and murals for many famous venues including The Royal Opera House in London.

Miaja Art Collections,www.miajaartcollections.com